Our customer services relating to medical equipment include:

  • Preventive maintenance of equipment in the Postguarantee period
  • Annual or multi-year service contract in several variants that may or may not include spare parts and guaranteed uptime appliances for the duration of the service contract
  • Periodic technical verification apparatus
  • Specialized repairs on call as well as the modernization of existing equipment
  • Sale with service installation X-ray tube with a removable manufacturer warranty
  • The installation, uninstallation and reinstallation of diagnostic equipment.

We have our own stock of spare parts and we have a fast communication with European warehouses of spare parts companies dealing with related activities (repairs CT and X-ray machines), which allows us to offer:

  • Fast and efficient delivery of available spare parts
  • Lower prices of spare parts
  • Quick resolution of almost all service problems and quick fixes
  • Testing the quality of spare parts and subassemblies.